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15 It is less than 1 kilometer from the mainland (accessible island by means of the new bridge linking it to the mainland), 18 kilometers from Sihanoukville International Airport and 230 kilometers from Phnom Penh International Airport. The Morakot Island project has a number of accessible transport options. The city of Sihanoukville is currently accessible by road vehicle from Phnom Penh via three motorways: National roads 3, 4, and 48. The railway system connecting Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville has been restored and operation for freight transport began in late December 2012. Sihanoukville is also accessible through the Sihanoukville autonomous port, which is fast becoming a popular entry point for tourists who arrive on cruise ships from regional centers such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Convenient regional airport connections from Sihanoukville will place Morakot Island resort within easy reach from the largest Cambodian cities, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, via direct flights. Regular daily connection flights from Sihanoukville International Airport to major international destinations will include Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Asian and European cities. The Sihanoukville airport authorities have plans to complete the present construction work in 2018. INTERNATIONAL HOTEL OPERATORS These factors, combined with key aspects such as the management of the project by recognized international hotel brands. Currently, the developer has reached memoranda of understanding with Ritz Carlton, Marriot and Interstate Hotels & Resorts as resort operators and Camper & Nicholson’s International as marina developer and operator. Other comparable entities have shown an interest in the project and the developer is in the process of final decision making. These factors plus the extent of the planning permission, the gambling license and the developer investment made of $129,8 million U.S. in resort infrastructure, bridge construction, and masterplanning lead to the conclusion that this project will become a benchmark not only for the neighboring area but for South-East Asia. PLANNING Both the island and Hawaii Beach plots benefit from planning approval confirmed by the Cambodian Government. The site plan requires no significant change in the natural topography. All planning will be done according to the highest environmental standards and environmental protection. The resort will be developed as an eco-resort and the efficient plan conserves maximum open space on the island. An agreement for master plan finalization and landscaping design was signed with EDSA (www.edsaplan.com), one of the world’s most renowned masterplan designers and architects.