Бизнес-план курортов в Камбодже

35 to properties worldwide, of a similar luxury nature. The Registry Early Privileges Program will be available to Morakot owners at the time they execute their contract of purchase and while their Morakot units are in construction. The Fractional Multiplier We have illustrated a 2:1 ratio, reflecting 100% increased revenue from fractional sales. To be sure, this is at the high end of the current experience. However, it is appropriate given the prominence and scope of Morakot and the attention in worldwide markets, which we will generate. Owners Use, Right to Rent and Returns on Investment Morakot owners can rent their allocated time (that is, the 4 weeks of annual use) to other nonbuyer guests, provided that they do so through Morakot management. The company is currently evaluating the potential returns to owners on their investment and the potential for preferential rates when the owners are in residence with their allocated 4 weeks of the year.