Бизнес-план девелоперского проекта курорта в Камбодже

6 PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Morakot Island development on Koh Puos Island is a unique luxury residential and resort project, occupying an area of no less than 116 ha. The total area of the island, fully owned by the project company, is circa 120 hectares and the construction area is approximately 58 ha. The project is the most significant development to pioneer the tourism industry on the coast of Cambodia. The Morakot Island project encompasses the development of: • A 475-room 4-Star casino hotel on the Cambodian mainland close to the coastal town of Sihanoukville ; • Three hotels on with a total room count of 575 keys on Koh Puos Island,including a 150-room luxury beach hotel, a 175-room super-luxury boutique hotel on Koh Puos Island, and 250-room Marina Village Apartment complex. In addition, the concept calls for the integration of 578 residential units in the form of luxury villas, bungalows and apartments within the island leisure resort. Koh Puos (Cambodia) Investment Group Ltd (KPIG), a privately held real estate development and investment group, has purchased for this purpose the exclusive land use rights of the Koh Puos Island from the Cambodian government for a leasehold term of 99 years. Koh Puos Island is located in the Gulf of Siam, 950 meters off the southern coastline of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. KPIG intends to develop Koh Puos Island and 6 hectares on the adjacent mainland into a multi-purpose destination of the highest international standards. It is also expected to increase the beach width by 8 ha and thus to enlarge the whole land property area of the Morakot project. Koh Puos Island and the Cambodian mainland are connected by a newly opened 985-meter-long private bridge (Figure 1), which benefits from a renewable lease. The bridge was constructed by KPIG to improve the transport accessibility of the Morakot development project. It creates individuality and adds significant value to the project. In terms of ancillary facilities and guestamenities, the Morakot Island master plan facilities mix includes a spa and wellness center, a marina yacht club, a conference center, a sports center, a beach club, a children’s fun area, an internationally renowned casino, retail promenades, restaurants, bars, cafes, open air entertainment facilities and parking. The total estimated buildable area is around 320 thousand sq. m. (excluding landscaping) with a total project cost of approx. $488,2 million. Approximately $129,8 million in equity funds have already been invested in land acquisition, infrastructure development and initial construction. EDSA – a recognized master planner and architects – has been appointed to finalize the master plan and landscaping, while FSC and Ground Kents architects have been approved by the hotel brands to work on the design and planning of the resort. The project is planned to be branded and managed by renowned global hotel