Бизнес-план девелоперского проекта курорта в Камбодже

11 The price for whole ownership of the villas is from $1 million to $2.1 million with fractional villa share prices ranging from $167,000 to $363,000. The bungalow whole ownership prices range from $360,000 to $600,000 with fractional pricing ranging from $60,000 to $100,000. The whole ownership prices for apartments range from $130,000 to $600,000 with fractional prices ranging from $21,000 to $100,000. Project amenities include a spa and wellness center, a marina yacht club, a conference center, a sports center, a beach club, a children’s fun area, an internationally renowned casino, retail promenades, restaurants and cafes and bars and open air entertainment facilities and, of course, parking. MAINLAND DEVELOPMENT: HAWAII BEACHMORAKOT DEVELOPMENT ON KOH PUOS ISLAND The proposed mixed-used resort scheme will comprise a 475 key luxury casino hotel complex on the 6 hectares on the mainland and 3 hotels on with a total room count of 575 keys on Koh Puos Island. There are 14 different development zones for the project, with all anticipated to be completed in 2018. Phase 1 is currently under development and includes three zones; Morakot Bridge, Morakot Beach and Morakot Village. In addition, the master plan calls for 578 residential units distributed into 155 villas, 225 bungalows and 198 apartments integrated into marina hotel complex. The residential units will mostly be sold to individual buyers and managed by the international hotel operators on site. We present a summar y of the planned facilities-mix for the Morakot Island Resort in the table below: Nr. of units/keys Netarea, sq. m. Gross area in sq. m. CASINO HOTEL (MAINLAND) 475 Hotel&Conferencezone 52 883 Outdoorpools 1 200 Casinocomplex 6 000 Recreationalfacilities 5 000 5 000 Retail &Entertainment 1 800 1 980 Infrastructure 3 000 3 000 TOTAL 70 063 BEACH HOTEL (ISLAND) Hotel 150 24 353 Outdoorpools 1 000 Recreationalfacilities 600 660 Retail &Entertainment 1 680 1 848 Infrastructure 2 000 2 000 TOTAL 29 861 TABLE 1 HOTEL AND RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES-MIX FOR THE MORAKOT ISLAND RESORT