Бизнес-план курортов в Камбодже

10 We will incorporate an intensive email follow-up campaign to the universes identified through the web. Techniques include prompt and detailed responses to requests for more information; newsletters and real estate market reports; «send to a friend» referral programs and «drip marketing» campaigns ─ «try and buy» discovery visits which are subsidized through the marketing budget. We are already establishing a program of seminars and presentations to selected universes to generate awareness and enthusiasm for Cambodia and Morakot. We have begun this through seminars and publications in industry websites. We will, of course, coordinate with the Cambodian government given their support for Morakot. Relationship Marketing and Sales ─ The key to developing the necessary trusting relationship with customers is making sure they feel heard and understood. Consequently, we will train agents in necessary techniques of empathic listening and discovery of the customer ’s true motivation and desires. The focus will be on the prospective purchaser- his or her needs and desires; the presentations will be low key; and presentations will not commence with a particular prospect until the agent has learned everything about that prospect ’s needs and desires. Pricing ─ Topics will include initial pricing and price increase strategy so as to generate initial momentum consistent with desired profitability; and special incentives for multiple purchasers and for purchasers who may want to «trade up» to a more expensive unit. Training ─ A fractional sale is distinctive from a whole ownership sale. Consequently, we will train the sales people on the specifics of a fractional presentation such as (a) expected questions from prospects; (b) effective responses that have proven successful over the years; and (c) distinguishing fractional from «timeshare». Strategic Alliances ─ Association with luxury brands; association with luxury exchange networks which will be available for buyer use from the time of contract as distinct from the later time of completion of construction of the unit, obviating the wait for construction time.