Бизнес-план курортов в Камбодже

30 The statistics underpin consistent growth of tourism arrivals even for each month of the year: This noted increase can be explained in part by the government ’s determination to allocate the country ’s unspoiled tourism resources and human capital to achieve substantial improvements tourism and transport infrastructure to include more roads, better functioning international airports; quality hotels and facilitate the creation of restaurant, bars and entertainment facilities to further promote the Cambodian tourism experience. Further; the popularity of Cambodia as a tourism destination is sustained by competitive pricing of package tours; tropical setting and low cost of labor. Perceived as a more affordable choice to neighboring Thailand and Vietnam; Cambodia has sought to diversify its tourism product by developing other leisure resorts besides excursion to historic and religious sites such as the Angkor temples near Siem Reap; the riverside town of Battambang; Bokor Hill Station or the capital city Phnom Penh. During the recent years, the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism has been actively promoting the coastal town of Sihanoukville as a new leisure destination, reputed for its beautiful unspoiled beaches and tropical islands. TOURISM ARRIVALS BY GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN The main sources of tourism traffic are presented in the figure №8 and table №11. FIGURE №8. TOURISM TRAFFIC BY COUNTRIES TABLE №11 Year Vietnam China Lao PDR S. Korea Thailand Japan USA Malaysia France Australia 2014 905,801 560,335 460,191 424,424 279,457 215,788 191,366 144,437 141,052 134,167 2013 854,104 463,123 414,531 435,009 221,259 206,932 134,964 130,704 131,436 132,028